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August 4, 2020

Glow For The Holidays

There’s no better gift this holiday season than the legendary ARCONA glow. From kits to cleansers, here’s our top picks for everyone on your list (yes, even yourself)!


  1. BASIC FIVE STARTER KITS: ARCONA’s Basic Five Starter kits contain five deluxe-sized products and are the perfect way to kickstart your skincare regime. Available for Normal, Dry, Oil, Problem, and Sensitive Skin types and perfect for everyone from your mom to boyfriend! Need assistance choosing a kit? Take our Skin Quiz here!


  1. WHITE TEA PURIFYING CLEANSER: One of the best things to do for your skin is to properly cleanse morning and night! Introduce a little luxury to your cleansing routine with our White Tea Purifying Cleanser. This antioxidant-rich cleanser purifies, tones and is perfect for all skin types!


  1. WINE OIL: The perfect anti-aging pick and their new favorite facial oil, Wine Oil harnesses the power of resveratrol to help reverse the signs of aging and improve elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, and is fantastic for those inn dry or cold climates.



  1. EYE DEW PLUS: Give the gift of pure luxury with Eye Dew Plus, and see why it’s one of everyone’s all-time favorite products. Formulated with liquid crystals, this ultra corrective eye cream helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.


  1. TRIAD PADS: A must-have in every skincare collection! These convenient, antioxidant-infused pads cleanse, tone, and hydrate the skin—not to mention they smell absolutely delicious. Also available in individual packets.

5 Replies to “Glow For The Holidays”

  1. I would like more info about the blueberry cleanser. I couldn’t find it on the website. I’ve been an Arcona user and fan for years.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Delighted you’ve been enjoying our line! We love hearing that, and thank you for the support over the years. Unfortunately we do not have a Blueberry cleanser (but that does sound absolutely delicious!), perhaps it was our Raspberry Clarifying Bar (it’s a beautiful pink/red color), or our Kiwi Cream Bar (juicy green color).

      If you tried a liquid cleanser it might be our White Tea Cleanser (this is a gel formulation) or Four O’ Clock Gentle Cleansing Cream (creamy and milky color).

  2. I have been using Ancona for 10 years, and love your products. I’m concerned that some of your products now have a distinct smell , which cause me to have migraine headaches. I buy the product at Aji spa in chandlerAZ, AND THEY WILL NOT TAKE ANY CREAM BACK,,,,,some times I cannot detect the smell when buying it, or they don’t have a sample.

    1. Thank you so much for notifying us and for your feedback. We truly appreciate your support of the brand over the past 10 years, and will definitely make note of the smell. I am so sorry to hear that they will not take back your product–I definitely recommend stopping by Nordstrom to sample some of our products if your spa of choice does not offer samples, and/or buying direct from our site as we do offer returns.

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