Herbal Compound
    Herbal Compound
    SIZE: 30ml
    SKIN TYPE: Normal Problem
    Powerful blemish reduction compound for adolescent and adult acne clears acne lesions, reduces inflammation and prevents formation of comedones. Proprietary herbal blend fights skin eruptions, unclogs pores and kills bacteria. Antimicrobial burdock extract increases micro-circulation, tightens pores and combats blemish causing bacteria. Soothing aloe helps heal and balance skin.

    -Soothing herbal treatment for acne.
    -Kills bacteria and deeply cleanses pores to decongest inflamed skin.
    -Herbal elixir rapidly helps in clearing the skin and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
    Use daily, as needed: Apply a thin layer to problem areas. Leave on skin.

    Grain Alcohol (corn derivative), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Zedoary Root, Theriac Venetaian, Senna, Saffron, Rhubarb Root, Myrrh, Manna, Camphor, Carline Thistle, Angelica Root