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January 17, 2021

ARCONA’s Cruelty-Free Promise

With so many new and unique skincare brands making their way into your inbox, Instagram feed and possibly your bathroom cabinet, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of how and why a product will change your skin. While this is certainly important, there are a few more questions you can, and should ask. One that we hear frequently at ARCONA is “Do you test on animals?”

The quick answer is NO; we never have and never will.

We test the products on ourselves! Animal testing is unnecessary, not required by the FDA for cosmetics, and certainly not a part of the ARCONA philosophy.

We feel it’s important that we make more than just a promise of saying we haven’t tested on animals; we also ask this of our suppliers and don’t partner with any ingredient supplier who participates in animal testing at any level.

Now you can enjoy your skincare knowing no little bunnies (or any other animal friends) have been harmed to make it perfect for you!

(Written by Bevin Gur; photo via Instagram)

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