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January 17, 2021

The Importance of Proper Sun Protection

Name one skincare product that works immediately upon application, and continues to keep your face looking healthy, wrinkle-free, and ageless for years to come.

The best anti-aging product in the world is sunscreen. While many of you wear it during the summer months, you should wear sunscreen every day of the year–come rain or shine.

Ultraviolet rays that are the cause of sun damage and skin cancer are always present. They are independent of cold or hot weather, and are not blocked by clouds. Nor does being indoors protect you as lights emit UV energy. Windows do not block out the sun or protect you, from UV radiation.

Sun damage starts a process called photo-aging. With sun exposure, the skin must respond to protect itself by producing more melanin. This is why we get tan. Chronic sun exposure causes the skin to become damaged. The oxidative stress caused by the sun breaks down collagen–a protein that gives skin it’s strength. This causes wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

Chronic sun exposure increases the DNA damage to your skin cells that can eventually lead to skin cancer.

My favorite sunscreens contain zinc oxide (non nano), which provides more immediate protection, and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Make this a habit, and your skin will be grateful for it.

Cheers to glowing skin,

Chanel Jenae

(image via Instagram)

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