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August 18, 2022

Try Luxury Skincare Slugging Without Vaseline or Mineral Oil

Slugging is a viral beauty trend that many people swear by as their secret to gorgeous, dewy skin. We’re breaking down what exactly this unusual term is, if it’s actually effective, and how you can try it at home. Read on for details on how to try slugging without vaseline.

What is slugging and why is it important?

Slugging involves applying a thick, emollient skincare product (think vaseline balms and creams) on your face as the final step of your skincare routine at night. The thick layer of products leaves your skin feeling as slippery as slug goo, hence the name.

3 benefits of slugging

Is slugging worthy of its reputation? In short, yes! When done right, there are many reasons to adopt this skincare trend, including:

  1. It’s done while your skin repairs itself.
    Slathering on thick products overnight when your skin is repairing itself is the optimal moment to get deeper results.
  2. It helps retain hydration.
    Slugging works to reduce water loss, aka it locks in hydration before it evaporates from your skin. The result? Noticeably dewy, plump skin from the moment you wake up.
  3. It fortifies your skin barrier.
    Your hydrolipidic barrier is the top layer of your skin that works to protect it from threats like bacteria, pollution, and sun exposure. This protective layer consists of water, lipids, and sebum. By slugging, you’re helping nourish and fortify your skin’s protective barrier.

Oily skin types want to avoid using products that are too heavy and can end up clogging your pores. But all skin types can benefit from slugging if they find the right skincare products to use as part of their nightly slugging routine year-round.

How to try slugging with ARCONA products:

Transform your skin with these richly hydrating, slugging-friendly products (no slugging with vaseline here).

Step 1: Celestial Activating Essence

This lightweight essence delivers so much more than instant hydration. The Celestial Activating Essence offers a blend of many of the world’s most skin-perfecting active ingredients. Pure D-ribose, Sensamone, and Luminescine improve elasticity and bring life back to dull skin. Healing antioxidants found in Rose, Chamomile, and Green Tea extracts defend against environmental impurities. You can use this daily for an instant improvement in moisture, radiance, and balance.

Shop the Celestial Activating Essence here.

ARCONA Celestial Activating Essence

Step 2: Hydrating Serum

The secret to slugging and achieving a healthier, more youthful complexion is by using the most hydrating products. ARCONA’s Hydrating Serum offers the highest caliber of hydrating actives to rescue dehydrated skin by replenishing lipids lost in aging, stress, and environmental damage. Tired skin transforms overnight with the serum attracting and binding moisture, with the help of hyaluronic acid and skin-restoring manuka honey, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Shop the Hydrating Serum here.

ARCONA Hydrating Serum

Step 3: Cerise + C Oil

The last step of slugging is to seal the deal with a facial oil, balm, or cream. We love the Cerise + C Oil thanks to its ability to deeply replenish nourishment to weakened skin while restoring its protective barrier and rejuvenating the complexion. Clinically proven ingredients like squalane improve moisture retention while vitamin C brightens skin with powerful antioxidant benefits. Simultaneously, groundcherry and probiotics strengthen the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and helping improve moisture, radiance, and overall balance.

Shop the Cerise + C Oil here.

ARCONA Cerise + C

Dry skin? Try the Overnight Cellular Repair Complex

For those who need more moisture, this rich balm offers deeply nourishing overnight repair and intense hydration. It’s thick formula is concentrated in moisture-rich jojoba and skin-plumping raspberry leaf wax and rose hip. Meanwhile, collagen-promoting ursolic acid, free-radical fighting resveratrol, healing vitamin E, and damage-correcting black currant oil replenish and soothe depleted skin. This leaves your skin luminous and ultra-hydrated.

Shop the Overnight Cellular Repair Complex here.

ARCONA Overnight Cellular Repair Complex

Are you interested in slugging? Let us know what you think about this viral skincare trend in the comments.

Written by: Chanel Jenae and Keemia Kaboli

2 Replies to “Try Luxury Skincare Slugging Without Vaseline or Mineral Oil”

  1. My skin is pretty good for a 70year old People think that I am in my 50s!!! I have always taken good care of my skin I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life and I never drink alcohol I get plenty of sleep and I drink plenty of water people think my daughter who’s 42 is my sister but I would like to plump my skin up a little and maybe get a healthy glow I really don’t have any wrinkles except a few on my forehead I would like to try this slugging what do you recommend

    1. Hi Christina! Glad to hear your current skincare routine is working so well for you! You are a great candidate for the products that Chanel suggested in this article: Celestial Activating Essence, Hydrating Serum, Cerise + C Oil and Overnight Cellular Complex. You can layer one or all of these to help plump and nourish the skin. The richer formulas are the Cerise + C Oil and Overnight Cellular Repair Complex, so if your skin is dry those are a good starting point!

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